FTX Granted Permission to Sell Assets, 117 Parties Express Interest

• FTX has been granted permission by the judge in charge of overseeing the FTX bankruptcy proceedings to sell some of its assets, including LedgerX.
• Perella Bank will be representing FTX and its assets in the sale process and 117 parties have expressed interest in buying the assets.
• The sale of FTX assets is intended to help the company to repay its creditors.

FTX, a derivatives platform, has been granted permission to sell some of its assets in order to help it repay its creditors. The Delaware Bankruptcy Court Judge, John Dorsey, gave FTX the go-ahead to sell four key units, including the derivatives platform LedgerX, FTX Europe, FTX Japan, and the stock clearing platform Embed.

Perella Bank, an investment bank, has been tasked with overseeing the sale process, representing FTX and its assets. So far, 117 parties have expressed an interest in buying the assets and they will now be allowed to access information regarding the assets to perform their due diligence before making a decision on whether to go ahead with the purchase.

FTX Europe has had its license suspended while FTX Japan is subject to certain restrictions in order to ensure the success of the sale. FTX has been working hard to ensure the sale of its assets will be successful in order to gain money to repay its creditors.

The FTX bankruptcy proceedings have been going on for a while and the company hopes that the sale of its assets will help to bring the proceedings to a successful conclusion. FTX is optimistic that the sale of its assets will be successful and that it will be able to repay its creditors in full. It remains to be seen how the sale will go, but FTX is confident that it will be able to achieve its goals.