Fantastico report talks about financial pyramids in Brazil

Three companies were cited for the report which highlighted that

The program Fantástico, from Rede Globo, spoke last Sunday about the performance of the financial pyramids that operate in Brazil. One of those mentioned in the report was JJ Invest, a pyramid that deceived several Brazilian artists.

The performance of the financial pyramids in Brazil is still present, even after several warnings against the scheme. With similar capture systems, high returns are certainly the trademark of these businesses.

Fantástico highlighted the performance of at least three companies suspected of operating fraudulent schemes. One of them was Orion Partner, which even claims to make use of blockchain technology in its network.

In addition, a stock trader was cited who captured numerous investors, but may have dealt a blow.

Fantastic highlighted the actions of three companies suspected of operating financial pyramids
With the growth of financial coups in Brazil, Fantastico has again warned against so-called financial pyramids. Crime in Brazil, businesses often offer investors above market returns.

Typically, companies are set up to legitimise the scams, which do not usually last long. According to Fantástico’s report, the scammers create high expectations by attracting investors, however, the reality is one of despair when investments turn to dust.

Thus, the company JJ Invest, which recently had its owner arrested, was one of those cited by the report. By attracting investors to the business, Jonas Jaimovick promised a 10% return on investments.

The scheme gained fame because Jonas captured numerous artists for the business. Among the victims were Sérgio Malandro and the former player, and Flemish idol Zico.

Sérgio Malandro JJ Invest
Another business that was highlighted by the report was Orion Partner. The report even highlighted the recent case that the creator of the supposed financial pyramid shot a victim who was charging money invested. After the company’s headquarters was searched for by one of the Rede Globo producers in disguise, the company excluded him from the group of investors.

The third suspicious case was of a trader who captured money but lost everything in wrong negotiations. His lawyer defended his client from the charges and said he was looking for ways to pay his clients, who were desperate.

High risks of financial pyramids are known to investors, said CVM superintendent
In a conversation with Fantástico’s report, the CVM’s superintendent, José Alexandre Vasco, said that some investors enter conscious in pyramids. These investors enter with the idea of leaving the business before it breaks.

Fantástico had already talked to a fugitive from Brazil living a luxury life in Dubai last year. Fantastico interviewed Danilo Dubaiano, former owner of D9, a company that created a pyramid with Bitcoin in Brazil. Although he claims that one day he will pay back the investors, Danilo has not done so to this day and several victims go unreceived after years.

The financial pyramids have in fact devastated families throughout Brazil, who enter into suspicious investments believing in miracles. To avoid falling for these scams, it is important to study the fundamentals of the business and be suspicious when the promise is above the market.